Newsletter Volume 20 Issue 1

Easy Pickings for Controller Hardware and Programming Software

When automating machines or processes, picking the right controller hardware is important, and the application often drives the selection process. Read the entire article

IXON | Cloud Enables Access to Machines Easily and Securely

The days of late night onsite visits are in the past. Now when a machine malfunctions, the IXON app allows the service engineer to investigate the issue from their smartphone or tablet. Keep Reading

Pick the Right Solenoid Valve

To control pneumatic cylinders and actuators with fluid power, air flow must be reliably controlled, typically with a solenoid valve. This article will provide the information to help you select the right solenoid valve for your application. Find the right solenoid valve

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inductive proximity sensors start at $37.00 DC discrete I/O modules starting at $50.00
ASO safety mats start at $285.00 206 new enclosures in 15 categories

AC motors are electric motors driven by alternating current (AC). AC motors are widely used in industry, primarily due to their high efficiency, and their ability to produce constant torque up to the rated speed. Read the entire article

A stepper motor (sometimes called a step motor or stepping motor) is a DC motor with a fixed number of steps that make a full rotation. Learn more about stepper motors

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