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“Very, very thorough site; one of the best industrial sites we’ve reviewed”  —IEN magazine March
Sales/Returns: 1-800-633-0405
Technical Support: 770-844-4200
Accounting: 1-800-633-0405
Sales Fax: 770-889-7876

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Rated #1 in Customer ServiceRated #1 in Customer Service!

support.automationdirect.comOEMs spoke, and they spoke our name
FIFTEEN years in a row!

The Reader’s Choice survey hosted by Control Design magazine aims to
identify the best products and service in the industry.
Results from 2001-2015 indicate we consistently provide top-notch support
to our customers. This is in addition to several other industry awards.

See our awards

Voted #1 Best in Service - 9 years in a row!

Technical Support Experts at AutomationDirect

Thanks to all who voted, we'll continue to put customer satisfaction as
our #1 priority.

  • Are you tired of calling a local distributor to discover
    their “product expert” is not in?

  • How about waiting hours for technical service to
    return a message?

  • Are you tired of technical support staffs with poor attitudes
    that border on arrogant?

Why not try our service instead? Over 85% of customers who have used our service and responded to surveys say it’s better than what they have been getting from other automation suppliers. 91% say we are above average to excellent in accuracy, 90% say we are above average to excellent in thoroughness, 91% say we are above average in response time, and 96% rate us above average in courtesy.
Isn’t it great to get better service and a better price?

“Over 85% of customers surveyed say that our service is better than other suppliers.”

Delivering Great ServiceDelivering Great Service

To win customers with our direct model,
we knew we would have to consistently deliver great service.
Here's how we're making sure we do:

  • Great teams
  • Our Customer Driven Leadership report card rewards team members for quickly returning voice mail (typically within one hour),
    providing accurate, thorough answers, being courteous, keeping current on product training, and reviewing manuals.
  • Great documentation
  • Our manuals are written with the goal of reducing customer service calls, and customers routinely tell us our manuals
    are the best in the industry.

  • Providing team members with important resources
  • Team members are highly trained and have an average of 13 years experience. Each team member has a private office loaded
    with tons of products and state-of-the-art equipment to simulate and troubleshoot your problem. They’re also connected to our
    Intranet chat system so they can broadcast your questions across the team and to many of our vendors’ engineers, in other
    states in real time. This helps us answer your questions quickly and accurately.
  • Streamlining our process
  • We have Customer Response Associates who act like 911 emergency dispatchers. They quickly document your problems
    (so we can resolve recurring problems and improve our processes) and determine the best technician to take your call.
    They can also answer many questions on the spot.
  • Online support
  • Extensive technical information is available online at Just click on Technical Support on the main page.
    You’ll find all our manuals, an application help forum, application stories, frequently asked questions categorized by product,
    downloadable firmware upgrades, compliance documents and free software.

    In only a few moments, you can find a gold mine of support material 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are never more than a quick phone call away from the best tech support in the business! It’s no accident that our tech team routinely demonstrates the best attitude and manners in the industry! We send you surveys to score our attitude, accuracy and timeliness.

    We take these scores and use them as part of the tech team’s CDL report card. The bottom line is that you get great service by design.



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