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Product Resources

Product Resource SitesIn-depth Product Resource Sites Shop Now Video Tutorials
Video Tutorials
Loaded with FAQs, demo programs, FREE
manuals (PDF downloads), Customer Forum, Example programs, Application Stories and more
An online streaming tutorial site offering training and information on a wide range of practical automation products.
AutomationDirect's online technical magazine
(also available in FREE hard copy subscription) DirectLOGIC CLICK PLCs
Find in-depth information on all our PLC families, as well as general PLC selection and
configuration guides.
The most practical PLCs in the industry.
The Almost Free PLC that's so simple,
we named it CLICK
Productivity3000 Do-more PLC c-more hmi
Do-more PLC
C-more HMI
Some call it a PLC, Some call it a PAC, We call it Productivity3000
Spend Less; Do More
C-more touch panels - Our next generation
of operator interface touch panels.
C-more micro - It's a touch panel...
at a text panel price
High-performace servo systems with
plug-and-play setup
High-quality motors to fit most applications
The most practical sensorless vector
AC drive on the market.
Our Library is full of Articles & Resources for Industrial Automation News.
Get Free access to our Automation NOTEBOOK magazine, Application Stories & more!

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